Muzlist, Inc – Press Release.

Muzlist, Inc – Press Release.

Introducing Muzlist, Inc: A Crowd-Sourced One-Stop Shop of Halal Businesses and Services


London, Oct 5, 2019Muzlist, a free user-friendly platform of halal products and services, is redefining the way people interact with the halal marketplace by connecting individuals
with halal local businesses.

“Muzlist is founded on the belief that the modern Muslim needs a one-stop shop for all their lifestyle needs. That is why we have created a free platform where halal businesses can list and showcase their products and services online. Our aim is to connect people with the businesses and the services they need in an effortless and intuitive way,” says the founder and CEO at

Business listers or Muzlisters as they are called, get full control of how their business is listed, with their own full business webpage. This acts as their digital shop window allowing them to add photos, logos and other important information. They can even offer promotions, create events, broadcast announcements, and respond to customers instantaneously, all from their very own personalised dashboard.

Non-business listers can also contribute by liking, commenting and sharing their experiences and recommendations with other like-minded Muzlisters.

Listing owners get a powerful AI-dashboard to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs). They can even promote their business using the integrated Ad-system by running Ad Campaigns in which targeted ads are displayed in frequently visited areas throughout the directory.

According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2018/19 report published by Reuters and Dinar Standard, it estimated that Muslims spent US$2.1 trillion across the food, beverage and lifestyle sectors in 2017, and forecasts spending to reach US$3 trillion by 2023. By category, food and beverage leads Muslim spending at US$1.3 trillion, followed by fashion at US$270
billion, media and recreation at US$209 billion, travel at US$177 billion, pharmaceuticals at US$87 billion and cosmetics at US$61 billion.

“We aim to be the biggest crowd-sourced platform of halal businesses and services. We also want to make it easier and more cost effective for businesses to promote themselves by allowing them to dispense with costly traditional means of advertising and instead allow them to use a collection of digital marketing tools to promote their business,” says the founder.

For more information about Muzlist or to list a business or service, visit




About Muzlist, Inc:

We have curated a single platform of Halal businesses and services, to help conscientious Muslims navigate the halal economy without the need for a multitude of tabs.

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