Top 5 Halal Burger Spots in London

Top 5 Halal Burger Spots in London

The epicentre for foodies from around the world, London is home to thousands of incredible restaurants. As a city, it has some pretty exciting and diverse halal offerings too, with halal options available for everything from wagyu beef to full English breakfast. 

Now, who out there doesn’t love the classic meaty comfort meal – a beefy cheeseburger with fries? If like us, you often find yourself craving a juicy halal burger, we’ve got you covered. We’ve searched far and wide (well, within zones 1 – 6), to find you some of the best halal burgers in London. Here are 5 of our favourites, in no particular order. 

Scroll down for some truly mouth-watering meaty goodness: 


1. Fatburger 

When it comes to the best neighbourhoods for halal burgers in London, Camden is a clear winner. It’s home to three of the spots on our list, including the famous franchise Fatburger. With many branches in the States, head here for the authentic American diner experience, complete with a selection of super sweet milkshakes to quench that post-burger sugar craving. 

Where: 10 Jamestown Road, London NW1 7BY and 8-9 Neeld Parade, Wembley Hill Road, HA9 6QU


2. Siirgista Bros

If you’re a fan of wonderfully squidgy burger buns, generous beef patties, and super quick service, head to Siirgista Bros, with various branches dotted around London. 

Our personal favourite here? The Portobello Beef Burger with shaved black truffle and roasted Portobello mushroom. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. The perfectly gooey chilli cheese fries topped with halal beef deserve a special mention.


Where: Various locations


3. Band of Burgers 

Most halal foodies will agree with this one –  Band of Burgers is the home of some of the best halal burgers in London. You can’t really go wrong with any of the burgers on their extensive menu, but the most popular offering is the decadent Signature Big Love Wagyu Burger. Although we usually find ourselves craving The Mexican, stuffed with chilli cheese, jalapenos and other spicy deliciousness. 



Where: 23 Camden High Street, NW1 7JE and 22 Osborn Street, E1 6TD. Walthamstow location opening soon! 


4. Burger UK

Burger UK burgers aren’t just halal – all the meat they use is 100% free range and locally sourced. Pop over to this ethical halal burger spot for beef and chicken burgers served in fresh brioche buns. It’s a simple menu, but it works. Extra points for the drool-worthy truffle fries topped with grated cheese.

Oh, and don’t leave without trying their pistachio and Oreo cookie milkshake. It tastes a lot better than it sounds. 

Where: 8 Ferdinand Street, NW1 8ER 


5. Baba G’s

Baba G’s Bhangra Burger – we’re a little obsessed with that name – popped up on the London street food scene over 7 years ago with a stall in Brixton. They now have a sit-down restaurant in Camden as well as another street food stall in Kerb market, serving up flavourful halal burgers such as the Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger. Lovers of spice may prefer the Naga Delhi Double Burger which is ‘double spiced’.

Luckily, the food lives up to the quirky name. We’re fans of the buttermilk naan style bun and juicy lamb patties. Come here if you want to try something a little different.

Where: Various locations.


What’s the best halal burger in London that you’ve tried? Let us know in the comments section below! 


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