About Us

About Us

In a world of information overload, Muzlist has made it its mission to keep things simple. We aim to do this by redefining the way people interact with the halal marketplace.

Muzlist is founded on the belief that the modern Muslim needs a one-stop shop for all their lifestyle needs. That is why we have curated a single platform of Halal businesses and services, to help conscientious Muslims navigate the halal economy without the need for a multitude of tabs.


List your businesses or service and gain access to a Muslim audience near you.


Connect directly with customers to promote and market your product and services.


Watch your digital footprint grow along with your business.

Businesses and individuals

List. Connect. Grow.

We realized that it can be very frustrating and quite expensive to build your own website to get your business noticed. That is why we built a platform that empowers anyone to create their own webpage without all that technical know-how.

Through free and premium subscriptions, businesses big or small can list their services and showcase their products on a single platform, thereby allowing them to reach an extensive Muslim audience.

Muzlist's powerful technology empowers businesses, individual sellers, organizations, and professionals, by allowing them to take their business, service or brand directly to an ever-growing customer base.

The halal industry is growing rapidly and we want your businesses to be on the front-line; list today and watch your business grow.